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The Making Of Bardot

Released - 22nd May 2000

Running Time - 82 Minutes

Shows the highlights of episodes 1 to 7 starting with the different stages of the auditions and going through the final decisions to pick the last 5 people for the group.

Watch as they move into their new home and how Chantelle leaves the group. Tiffany is picked for replacement and moves in with the rest of the girls.

BONUS - Poison Video Clip

The Adventure Continues

Released - 7th August 2000

Running Time - 57 Minutes

As Tiffany is settled into the group, they decide on the name Bardot and release Poison which goes straight to number one, making them the first Australian group with their first single to reach this position.

See them perform in their first public appearance at Westfield Paramatta with a large crowd to cheer them on.  We also go behind the scenes to see them perform 5 songs live which well in doubt will lead them to touring Australia later on.

BONUS - I Should've Never Let You Go Video Clip