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Belinda  Sally Sophie The Group

Tiffany Wood

Full name: Tiffany Jane Wood 
Age: 22
Date Of Birth: 8/11/77

Star Sign: Scorpio 
Favourite Colour: Depends on my mood. Pinks and gold at the moment. 
Favourite Food: Peaches in summer and any type of meat esp. Steak diane. 
Favourite Movie: At the moment "The Fast and the Furious" but my all time Fav. "A Chorus Line" a must for any aspiring singer or dancer. 
Favourite Band/singer: At the moment I love Destinys Child for their vocal Ability and song writing. I also love Brian McNight, Luther Vandross, Earth Wind and Fire and Mellisa Manchesta, oh and Karen Carpenter.
Can't Live Without: Her Man and her Mum and Dad
Loves: To party
Hates: Smokers hanging around her