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"heeeeeeeeellllllloo all u Bardot Crazed friends out there well its 2002 and welcome back to Bardot land to both our continual supporters and new commers.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope that everyone enjoyed their silly season (Merry Xmas) holidays and are ready to get back into a Bardot packed year.
We have alot for the scrap books comming up, front covers, interviews, fantastic new photos and posters, and im sure alot more, so start raiding the magazines and newspapers and get those edward scissorhands sharp....:)
There'll also be the new film clip (around feb) and from that i'm sure u can continue filling up those blank video tapes, even the ones that some of u have already ACCIDENTLY taped over ha ha with Bardot accapellas, shows and interviews.
Most important is the concert tour starting in Newie(for the aussies) on March 1st, we hope to see u all there in the 1st few rows(and anywhere else u can get) singing, cheering, waving and basically going off YIPPY!!!!!!!!!!

We have now got a great fan base around the world so hello to Korea, Germany, India, Estonia, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillapines, United Kingdom, American and anywhere else ive forgotten(please email and let us know if ur from another country so we can say hi to YOU too).

Last but not least thanks to EVERYONE who has taken part in the voting for BARDOT in the AUSTRALIA DAY AWARDS, the site to vote is :
Click on the area that says WIN $500 FOR VOTING
Remember to click next to Bardot & fill in your details, heyyyy you could be a winner. Voting finishes January 11th- only a week to go. 
We are only now a few votes ahead and need all of your help. PLEASE we're counting on you all. Get your friends & family voting as well. What a way to start off the new year with our first award, and an award voted by the public, so i guess that makes it OUR award.

Take care over the rest of the Holidays and see u round like a rissole.
xoxooxoxx tiffy"